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Bracelets like crazy—for cheap

Amusing, isn’t it, how kids today think they invented the whole armful-of-bracelets thing? Especially since: cruise-ship heiress and provocateur Nancy Cunard, as photographed by Man Ray in 1926? Which was, like, practically a century ago?

And Renee Perle, lover and muse of epochal French photograhper Jacques Henri Lartigue?

And I’m sorry, but also: Borderline era Maddy? Lest we forget? Perhaps when we were young, we too thought everything was our idea, but I don’t think we did: Gen X-ers, sandwiched as we were between two of the most self-loving generations our nation has ever seen—boomers and millennials—have only upon reaching our seriously grown up years stopped selling ourselves short. (Which only seems right, considering  how awesome we are.) As you may or may not imagine, this is a topic about which I could go on.

And on. But today we are here to discuss stacked  bracelets—ones that might help one pull off the look while also looking like an adult.* Also, everything here is under $75. This cute little number would cost like $200 if Isabel Marant was selling it. It comes in black too, but I somehow feel like the red is more special.

I like how the little nugget beads here come off all rock and roll, only softer.

Nothing beats a nice pre-mixed stack of bangles, especially when somebody with a much better eye than mine has done such a good job of mixing metals.

From our new BFFs at Maiden Nation: this bracelet is  handmade by HIV-positive women in Etiopia using melted-down bullet casings and recycled metals. Talk about a guilt-free purchase: I might feel bad if I don’t buy one.

I’m throwing this evil eye in here too, because an evil eye is just good juju.

And this is for all the lovers of itsy little skulls, as experience has taught me you are out there.


The only way I could possibly love this excellently graphic ethnic bracelet more is is if it were a top.

Just ever-so-punk and not a tiny bit more.

*There was a time and a place for friendship bracelets, and that time and place was camp. For me.




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Posted on November 12th, 2012 13 Comments

13 Responses

  1. Remember when Madonna’s mid-1980’s weight was considered normal?

  2. belle says:

    Hey Kim,
    That last bracelet is fab but the link is dead/missing.
    Can you help a girl out?

  3. CoudreMode says:

    And also Gorjana leather wrap bracelets; they come in amazing beautiful colors and work with just about everything.

  4. saraspunza says:

    Wow! I agree completely with the Gen Xer reference. I remember wearing bracelets like crazy back then. I still have some of them and about a year ago they came back into circulation on my wrist. Funny that. It feels like home to have my right arm laden with them now. Love it!

  5. Ashley says:

    Ah, I really liked this until you said friendship bracelets aren’t cool.

  6. Viajera says:

    I am not a bracelet wearer, but if I were, it would be the Maiden Nation. I actually like it, and I don’t like bracelets very often, except on other people of course.

    I am neutral on the friendship bracelet question. It’s a personal choice (wah wah wah)(there should be a way to indicate that you’re making fun of yourself, online. There probably is and I just don’t know it.)

  7. Devina says:

    Thanks for featuring our bracelets! You can find our curated picks from around the globe at!