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Logo-free bags, part two: Totes

Finding a good tote tote, (or Shopper, as people have taken to calling them—because maybe this sounds more fashiony? Or is it some kind of British affectation? I’m not sure) used to be the biggest pain. Now I see ones I’d die for all the time. For instance: this Want Les Essentiels De La Vie bag is so cool: just a touch more vertical (or “north south” in garmento speak) than most, with an extra strap (ALWAYS a plus) and in the most perfectly right shade of leather ever.

I am out of my mind for this Fleabags tote, and the genius that is its blue-on-blue-on-black color palette. Want and want and want. Do you think if I buy it to carry my laptop around in I can deduct it?

There’s nothing richer than a suede bag—and nothing more forgiving of your coffee spills and pen explosions than a suede bag in a nice dark color.

This one is so excellently fancy-lady-who-doesn’t-have-to-make-a-statement-with-her-bag.

It’s not exactly light-colored canvas tote season, but this sparkly Steve Madden number is so damn fun and chic that I couldn’t not include it.

This smart little bag from Foley + Corinna  folds and zips down to the teeniest little leather pouch. And when you unfold it to use, the zipper at the base becomes a cool design detail. Clever!

Even without the ever-so-faint metallic tinge to the suede—which is a little bit too fantastic—I’d be all over this Montserat de Lucca bag. It’s the soul of simplicity (which is, after all, is why the metallic works and doesn’t overwhelm) and I love the super-light tan color.

This Tsumori Chisato owl print extravaganza was on my list for a potential Crazy or Cute? post, but I’ve decided that in fact, this bag’s very appeal is that it is both wicked crazy and crazy cute.

The single-buckle strap detail on this Common Projects  bag is such a quiet little moment of good design.

You can’t beat a classic Filson for knocking around town—especially if you’re prone to roughing up your bags—because they are seriously built to last. Also, here’s a really big one: perfection for travel.

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Posted on October 11th, 2012 11 Comments

11 Responses

  1. Joyce says:

    Just found this etsy shop with no logo leather bags and totes. They look beautiful and are handmade. You get to choose the leather, hardware and lining. I just ordered one and am very excited.

  2. Seems to me that these very tailored bags have a similar effect on the silhouette of an outfit as an over-sized envelope clutch. I always have too much stuff to carry, and never can do more than look at clutches with admiration. Love these.

  3. c.w. says:

    Love the Steve Madden and Common Projects.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Love Mim’s bags, too! I’ve been trying to decide between one of those and an Opelle (another Etsy vendor).

  5. pam says:

    Not sure the Fleabags qualifies as logo-free.

  6. Gillian Hearst says:

    To add to the discussion, three of my favorite new bags, all from my home state of Oregon.

    1. Will Leather Goods of Eugene, Oregon
    This tote is a combo of vintage batik and leather.

    2. BD503 of Portland, Oregon
    Every bag has a unique combination of repurposed and new leathers, hardware, straps and handles for environmentally sustainable style.!/9/1714/Coletto/Capri!/6/1786/Messenger/Medina-II

  7. Lynn in Tucson says:

    Nice choices! I am not a navy person but that Fleabags piece is to die for. I wouldn’t kick the Monserat de Lucca out of bed, either!

  8. B says:

    Did you see the L’epicier Leather Bag from American Apparel? It’s $95 and comes in amazing fall suede colors.

  9. Liz Kennedy says:

    I have to say that Pour La Victoire makes lovely non-descript logo bags. I recently found/scored/celebrated a find via eBay. It is a giant PLV tote and the only branding is on the zippers and a teeny tiny gold plaque on the bag. I love it because it isn’t flashy. Perfect for travel and schlepping around your (my) junk.