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Le wardrobe malfunction

Unless one falls naturally into it,  trying to compete with that whole dead-chic thing that French women seem to master by the age of ten is a one-way ticket to serious self-loathing. My tactic has been to keep thinks on the simple side, and yesterday’s outfit was in fact so simple that it achieved a certain Agnes b-at-its-apex perfection: cropped khakis, a freshly ironed white button-down, cute, walkable little sandals, and my Sandqvist messenger bag. Nothing I like better than pulling off light-on-light.

A couple of hours after doing pretty Paris things, I set off shopping, and almost immediately spied a ba&sh store, which was great because it was on my list of must-visits. Ba&sh is a French high street chain that mines a very Vanessa Bruno/Isabel Marant vein exceedingly well, and in about five munites I was in a dressing room with an armful of clothes.  Which is when I discovered that, at some point in the day—as I strolled through the streets of Paris feeling all effortless and chic and gamine—a French pigeon had taken a big fat liberty on my nice white shirt. Now I had an absolute imperative to shop (what’s more fun than that?) and went for this light-as-air little ethnic-print number.

Off we went to Vanessa Bruno‘s rather fantastic store on the Rue de Castiglione, which was jam-packed with great stuff: beautiful prints paired with unexpected fabrics, and the occasional very sexy accent. Again, I headed to the dressing room, my spirits high.

Which is when I discovered that the shopgirl at ba&sh had neglected to remove the shoplifting tag from my top. This time, I didn’t feel like I could justify another emergency purchase. So I kept it on. Because that’s just the kind of class act I am.

Posted on June 28th, 2012 11 Comments

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  1. SusieQ says:

    So true. ‘Quelle castastrophe!’ every time I try to dress while visiting Paris. Thinking I’m looking tres chic, I walk out the door, check out the sartorial perfection of the French chicks, then sadly realize, again, that I haven’t got it right. Sigh.

  2. CTanner says:

    Gorgeous top–and love that you left the tag on! Now for the important question– what sandals can you walk all day in and still feel chic(ish) in Paris? Would love to know how you handle this eternal puzzle! After your trip would you debrief us on how to look chic while traveling in Europe?

  3. PhotoGirl says:

    I lived in France for many years. One day, when I was feeling absolutely beyond chic, I slipped in a nice big squishy pile of dog-do and ended up in the hospital with a broken tail bone. I’m sure the Universe was trying to tell me something. Comment est-ce qu’on dit “mortified?”

    Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue.

    PS: You were absolutely right to continue to wear the anti-theft tag. Call it body jewelry or an artist’s statement of some sort and keep steppin’! Tres chic!

    • Jane says:

      Dodging dog poop is the lasting impression I have of Paris, which is ridiculous considering it’s freakin’ Paris! I”ll remember to duck for pigeons the next time I’m there.

      Kim, that top is beyond fun and flattering. Wish it was in my closet!

  4. Viajera says:

    I heard somewhere that it’s good luck to have a bird poop on you. I hope it is true.

    If you get a chance though, I’d go back to the store and get the tag removed. Otherwise it might make a hole when you rip it out (which I learned the hard way, same thing happened to me), or cause you problems at the airport. And it’s a cute top.

  5. Carol says:

    Many times, stores other than where you purchased the item will remove the tag. They all have the machines. I love the top with the white pants and messenger bag. I hate to admit this, but the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn are by Trotters – “Katarina”…they come in a variety of colors – I bought the light taupe to be as unobtrusive as possible. Chic? Not necessarily, but you can walk for miles in them. Cute with cargo pants, long shorts.

  6. yunah says:

    cute top! but where did you get the belt?!

  7. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Birds always seem to pick a choice moment. Of course, is there such a thing as a good moment for that? Well, in Paris as an excuse for shopping, I suppose. I love the top you bought, but that is something that would happen to me; It’s Murphy’s Law.