Monday 15th August 2022
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When traveling, you’ve really got to adopt a zen state of detachment if children are part of the mix. When what starts out as a lovely stroll through the Jardins de Tuileres instead turns into a half hour of watching two little boys squeal their heads off doing backflips on a nominally safe bungee ride in the adjacent amusement park, it’s best to simply roll with it.

It also helps lot if you like those kids—in this case, my nephews Abie and Henry—because then it’s fun to watch them on some dangerous French bungee ride, and in the name of keeping them further amused,  you might even find yourself doing things that fall far, far outside of your comfort zone. For instance:

That is me on a double-decker tourist bus. Which, I have to say, once you get over the horror of knowing that you’re an Ugly American tourist on a double-decker tourist bus, is kind of brilliant. You zoom by the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the book stalls along the Seine like you’re the Paris Vacation sequence of some fabulous old 50s movie.


Not too much on the shopping front yesterday: just a quick pop-in to Vanessa Bruno‘s store on Rue Saint Suplice where there were about eight pieces on the racks (UPDATE: I had a far more rewarding visit to her store on the Rue de Castiglione this afternoon; details later). And then a quick visit to Antik Batik, which I love but which is probably is a little too rich hippie for me personally. Still I’m wondering: Might it have been a mistake not to have bought this?


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  1. Viajera says:

    Ditto on the doubledecker bus trips. Going on one changed my attitude about tourists, both about being one and about tolerating them. There’s no need for shame. And it would be sad to go through life pretending to have already seen it all. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    • Eve says:

      And it would be sad to go through life pretending to have already seen it all.


      • Lib Aubuchon says:

        By far one of the best things (maybe THE best thing?) about getting older is no longer giving a f**k about seeming cool. It’s nice to let yourself do all the corny stuff…

  2. carmencatalina says:

    I lived for a little over a year in Edinburgh. Near the end of my stay there, we decided to take a doubledecker bus tour, and convinced our friends (born and raised in Edinburgh) to come along. We had a ridiculous amount of fun, and they said it was lovely to see the city in a new way. Never scoff – always enjoy!

  3. Margit says:

    Marrying a foreigner who moved to America and then having kids forced me to have a serious attitude adjustment about many things and embrace a lot of things I once thought corny. I am going to try the double decker bus next time I get a chance!

  4. shirim says:

    By far my favorite post ever! You shine in Paris!