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It was a good day

Thanks for all the love today, people! So many of you turned up that my server crashed pretty much every ten minutes or so, and is still hiccuping its way into the night. But we’re on it! (by which I mean my tech chick is on it. I’m just trying to stay out of her hair before she fires me for being such a pain).

Meanwhile: a lot of you have asked about the picture I’m standing next to in this photo: it’s by Japanese photographer Naoya Hatakeyama, who also took the one you see before you, from a 2001 series called Slow Glass. Don’t you kind of wish you lived in it?

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I love platforms

They’re just a brilliant invention—all of the height of regular heels, with just a fraction of the discomfort. I wear them all summer, pretty much everywhere, because flats make me feel like a cow and flip flops are strictly for weekends and walking the dog. But summer is hell on shoes, and right now I’ve got exactly two pairs in rotation: one new, and one survivor from last year that’s fading fast. Here are a few possible successors.  All chosen for their not-too-highness and supreme walkability.

This one comes off all chic and understated in an expensive French girl way—and yet it is Steve Madden and just as affordable as you please.

Platform clogs are crazy-loud—seriously, you can hear yourself galumphing down the street in them—but you can’t beat them on the whole super-casual-and-extra-cute front.


Sorry, but I think these are awesome.


You’re not going to win any sexy points wearing this fairly subdued pair from APC, but that can’t always be the endgame.


Similarly not-hot, but also not without its charms: this black-and-blue pair by Rachel Comey.

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Who’s that girl?

Why, it’s me! In todays New York Times Styles section. Do you recognize the jacket? Or are you too busy looking at the floor of the purple room and wondering what kind of person can’t get it together to place a few throw pillows back on the sofa before the freaking New York Times comes over to shoot her?  Hopefully your kind of person?

In any case, the story—by the ever-sassy Marisa Meltzer—is kind of fun. Read it here. And to those of you just joining in: welcome, and please do make yourself at home. Get comfortable. Toss the throw pillows anywhere you want.

Posted on May 30th, 2012 46 Comments

Can we all agree that cargo pants have become a classic?

Because now that you can buy more streamlined un-bulky ones— like the pair our pal Kate Bosworth is wearing here—they can be so cute and flattering. And with a white tank: such summer perfection. I see women wearing versions of this all over downtown in the summer, and they all look great.

I’m pretty certain Kate’s wearing these AG cargos, which are indeed super-cute, but I like their capri version as well. Or you could always go for J Brand, a jeans company that practically reinvented itself a couple of years ago making sexy cargo pants for the ladies. If you’ve been working on your core, you might go for a tank like this one. If you’re looking to hide a little junk, maybe you’d prefer something more along these lines.



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White shoes you don’t have to worry about destroying

So this girl Jessica who waxed my eyebrows this morning was wearing these cute sneaker/espadrille things. So easy and summery. But tragically ill-equipped for dingy Manhattan streets.

Not to worry! As it turns out they are from K Mart, and cost a mere $6.79. Wear them to death and then move on to the next. Sort of like what this lady does, but on a rather more modest scale.

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Morning links

  • This photograph of Tina Turner—and a trove of other 60s-era celebrity portraits taken by the late Vogue photographer Jack Robinson—was discovered in the cupboard of a Memphis home after Robinson died. Read the backstory and check out more of his unearthed pictures at Retronaut.
  • And the bride wore greenish.
  • Refinery 29 asks: has Prada been inspired by The Cambridge Satchel Company?
  • Another day, another celebrity sans makeup picture.
  • The guy who chewed the face off of that other guy this weekend might have been on bath salts.
  • Apparently there’s going to be a movie about CBGB. And in that movie, Malin Ackerman will be playing Debbie Harry. Which seems…possibly odd. From Flavorwire
  • Guys will be guys.
  • And another thing! I’m curating Very Short List today, so why don’t you head over and have a look? Or better yet: subscribe, and have a nice healthy dose of pop-culture goodness sent to your inbox daily.


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