Sunday 25th October 2020
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Afternoon bits

The Cut notes that Bazaar Espana put 56 year-old actress Angela Molina on their cover. Oh, to be the editor of a European magazine, where print runs are tiny, nobody gets all worked up over newsstand sales numbers, and one can take the occasional interesting risk!

Styleite’s got pictures of Kate Middleton looking all fashiony in Matthew Williamson at a Disney movie premiere last night. Rather sporting of her, given that he once sniped that she was “not a fashion bunny.”

Why America Hates The Guys in Corporate, part #287:  according to The Mary Sue, CEOs of some of the biggest cinema chains in the country  are taking the idea of allowing people to text and talk on their cellphones during movies quite seriously.  Do the rest of us get to bring stun guns?

And from the Jane Dough: this rundown of poorly behaved heirs to large fortunes, which is alternately horrifying and  gossipy good fun.

Jezebel notes that a high school girl got banned from her prom because she didn’t have a date.  One scarcely knows where to begin.

Entertainment Weekly runs down movies too un-PC to be made today, and and the list includes Taxi Driver (teen prostitute), Blazing Saddles (racist sterotypes) The Jerk (see previous) and The Bad News Bears (kids drink beer). To which I say: how could you forget Pretty Baby?

Posted on April 26th, 2012

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