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My Top 5 real world
street style blogs

Because there’s not much of an art to just snapping
pictures of fashion editors, now is there?

TheSFStyle is actually composed of equal parts New York and San Francisco shots, and it’s fun (and not too hard) to guess which girl came from where. The SF girls’ outfits mostly center around thrift  store finds and straightforwardly retro looks. In New York the ladies are a touch more fashiony, but only a touch—mostly it’s all about the mix. And, best of all, everybody looks happy to be there.

Technically, Cracker Your Wardrobe is the website for a Korean men’s magazine, but their street style section features women too. The outfits are a mixture of dead-on chic and seriously wackadoo. Go to the home page, click on “Street Snaps” and prepare to waste a good hour or so.

Hi Styley it is quite distinctly Los Angeles, but cool Los Angeles. Which is like cool New York, but friendlier, and with fewer boots.

I love Hoy Fashion. Love, love, love.  It covers street style in Liverpool, Manchester and London, and features six (!) shots of each of its subjects: one a head shot, another full-length, and the rest detail shots, for those of us who want to take in to take a closer look at everything.

Sometimes, the pictures on It’s My Darlin’, which is Seattle-based but covers all points Pacific Northwest, remind me of my favorite-ever Portlandia sketch, but mostly I find them quite inspiring—most everyone looks chic, down to earth, dressed for the elements, and potentially competent at rock climbing.

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